My Current Collection

Here’s a couple of pics from May 2014:



In progress shot of installing the acrylic sheets from June 2015:


And the currently collection today. The right side is Star Wars, with larger Star Wars vehicles and starships on top:


I have about 99% of all of my toys on display in my office. The left side of the Stackubes is Aliens, TMNT, GI Joe, Exosquad, Terminator, Jurassic Park, McFarlane toys, and a bunch of miscellaneous toys.





A few of the more organized displays:







To the left of the Stackubes is Masters of the Universe:


On top of that is Transformers:


And on top of that is Ghostbusters.


To the right of the Stackubes is Jabba’s palace, Geonosis, and Naboo


And here are some of the action figures I have yet to open:


Here’s part of the display with the acrylic sheets on the front. Depending on the lighting, it can be very difficult to tell the acrylic is even there. Next step is to replace the cardboard shelves with proper wood shelves and organize the displays.


5 thoughts on “My Current Collection

  1. Nice way you’ve displayed you’re collection.
    Very creative to use these wooden crates 😉
    How did you create the Plexiglas screens in front of them?

    Our could you make a post about how you created or came to the idea of this way of displaying.
    Why I ask because I’m looking for a nice not to expansive way to display my collection as well.

    Great job man, keep it up!

    1. Hi Pascal,

      I’ll be making a post about assembling the displays in the future. All of my stuff is packed up right now, so it’s hard to make a detailed post at the moment.

      The short version is: Buy a Stäckūbe (available at Menards) or a different box to use for the display. Attach mirror clips at the bottom and movable storm door clips at the top to hold the acrylic sheets. You can get mirror clips and storm door clips at hardware stores. Acrylic sheets can be purchased at hardware stores and cut down, or you can order specific sizes at places like

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have questions.

      1. Thanks for you’re reply.
        It sure will help, and I’ll be looking forward to the creation of these display boxes in the future.


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