Just A Little Update

Since my last post on Nudj Fudge, I sold my house, moved, got a new job, and moved again (out of state). Which means my collection has been boxed up for a while and I’m still unpacking it. That hasn’t stopped me from acquiring some new pieces, including Masters of the Universe Classics, Alien Reaction figures, and Power of the Primes Transformers.

Have you seen the 4-inch scale Jabba’s Sail Barge from Hasbro Lab?

Also, I’m on Instagram now.

Nudj Fudge

Welcome to Nudj Fudge, my brand-new toy blog! I’ll be talking about modern action figures, vintage action figures, and new toy purchases. I’ll also be sharing some of my displays and reminiscing about when and where I purchased or received my toys. Some kit-bashed creations and custom toys I’ve made out of LEGO or Construx will make an appearance as well.