New Toys!

These are terrible photos I took so I have a record of what accessories came with what figure.

First, the Uglies. T-800 was a Christmas present I believe. Found the Predator at Barnes and Noble for $5. Ugnaughts (my second set) were purchased at Kowabunga Comics a few years ago.


Power of the Jedi Darth Vader, then Cloud City Pilot. Both from Kowabunga Comics:



Sandstorm Luke:


Cloud City Guards from Kowabunga Comics:


T-1000 and Sarah Connor, Christmas presents. Terminator purchased from Amazon. The T-800 I originally purchased only came with one of his weapons. Would a miscard be worth tons of money? Probably not.


Dark Empire Luke. Has some wear and didn’t come with his lightsaber, but he was only $1. And Floppy Hat Luke purchased from Kowabunga Comics.


Mimetic Polyalloy


My wife gave me several “coupons” for our anniversary, one being for a trip to Target for toys. Tonight she suggested I cash in the coupon, but I wasn’t sure I’d find anything at Target. The shelves have been pretty bare at the locations near my house, so she sent me to Toys”R”Us. Who was I to argue?

I found the donut head T-1000 for $14.99 and the glitter dreams T-1000 (which I’m not sure I was even aware of) for $9.99. The T1000 with Hole in Head (the figures are labeled as T1000, without a hyphen) is clearly labeled as 2015 Summer Convention Exclusive, and I knew the T1000 Frozen Patrolman was at least somewhat special as he’s not one of the five figures listed on the cardback. Toys”R”Us also had Sarah Connor and John Connor, but I figured these two T-1000 action figures would be harder to find than the core 4 or 5 figures from the line, so I picked up these two.

With tax, I went $1.25 over my $25 budget for the night. My wife said she would take it out of my next paycheck. Boy, is she strict.