I’m Back Baybaaaaayy

I would like to share some photos of my current collection. Just a few disclaimers:

My collection was previously housed in a well-lit upstairs room. My collection is currently residing in a basement that is unfinished and suffers from poor lighting. I am showing the two photos below to show you how I WANT my collection to look.

This Thundercats diorama I made for my cousin has features I would like to incorporate into my own displays: LED lights, photo backgrounds, 3D logos, and action figures that aren’t knocked over.

I didn’t have any Thundercat figures around, okay?

And here is my collection as it was many moons ago. Fairly organized, well-lit, in a finished room.

NOT in a dark basement!

And here is part of my collection as it currently stands. Unfinished basement. Poor lighting. Plenty of figures that need stands. Shelves that need backs. Ugly concrete floors. Stuff still in boxes. Lots of work needed. But I have to start somewhere, right?

Unfinished basement!
Sail Barge!
Transformers (Earth)
Transformers (with room for Haslab Unicron), GI Joe, with plenty of other displays on the right.
Transformers (Cybertron). Can you tell my kids arranged a bunch of these displays?
G.I. Jooooeeeeee
Space battles will be on the bottom center shelf.
Terminator 3, Star Wars cups, Rancor pit, Shadows of the Empire…
Warning! Aliens are here!
G.I. Joe, Robocop. All sorts of stuff.
Some of the few figures I plan on leaving in the packaging.

To the right of these shelves, I’ve got a couple of entertainment centers. Not painted/stained yet. Old-school CRT on one. Modern flat-screen on the other.

I was “watching” Action U.S.A. with the commentary on.
Xbox Tower of Power to the right of the flatscreen.
At this point I’m just showing photos of Action U.S.A…
Upper shelves left of the Sail Barge.
Masters of the Universe Reaction figures.
Lower shelves left of the Sail Barge.
He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special. “I HAVE THE POWER!!!”
And to the left of that…
On the right: Docking Bay 94/Mos Eisley/Cantina, Jedi Council Chamber, Exosquad, Bespin, Tatooine (Prequels)
“Jabba, you’re a wonderful human being.”
Yep, I used my cell phone to show what LEDs will look like under the Carbon Freezing Chamber.
He-Man, Naboo, Death Star Trench, Jurassic Park…
Left shelves, top to bottom: Masters of the Universe Classics, Naboo (palace/hanger), Death Star (Docking Bay 327, Geonosis (Arena). Right shelves, top to bottom: Masters of the Universe (Vintage/Origins), Naboo (plains), Death Star Trench, Geonosis (clone/droid battle).
To the left of that: Dagobah, Clone Wars, Ghostbusters, Endor.
BMF (Big Millenium Falcon).
“Let’s show this prehistoric ***** how we do things downtown!”
And to the left…
Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Terminator 2, Jabba’s Palace, Rancor Pit…
Call in the Space Marines!
In Space No One Can Hear You Repaint
Hey, Sarah Connor was from a time traveling movie, so…
“Hey kids, wanna take over the world?”
“We’re ready to believe you!”
Me again!

So that’s where I’m at right now. More space for toys than my previous room. But much more work needed to make it look presentable.