Order 95

This is a Star Wars photo comic I finished on December 31, 2011. It used to be hosted on Nibcrom.com, but I figured it made more sense to host it here.


“Dark times have fallen on the Galactic Empire. With numerous resculpts of standard figures filling the shelves, countless repacks glutting the market, and neither a prequel nor even sequel in sight, fans and collectors have lost some of their frenzied appetite for 3.75″ Star Wars figures. Superior paint applications, better likenesses, and increased articulation should speak in favor of newly released figures, but such advancements have come at a staggering price, and even the most staunch collectors pause and perhaps even pass over new items.

“Exhausted from the Ultimate Galactic Hunt, completists have become an endangered species.

“Understanding that the future of his vast Empire hangs in the balance, Emperor Palpatine makes a desperate bid to retain power: Order 95, the extermination of all POTF2 figures. The Emperor hopes that the vacuum left behind will encourage consumers to replace their lost collectibles, not knowing that a handful of photonovelists are recording the progress of this dreadful order…”

(Description of Order 95 taken from RebelScum.com)


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